Ever since announce of SwiftUI by Apple, its has been very exciting for iOS developers all around the world to try out brand new language for apple development, not because its new but due to its short lines of code to achieve that used to take couple of lines in…

Testing Push Notification on iOS simulator (Swift)

We can test push notification on simulator from Xcode 11.4 and later

There are different ways to do so. I am going to show one of the easy way to do. Follow the steps below:

A. First setup push for the app

  1. Go…

Create your GitHub profile with Readme.md

Github is one of the place to look around for developers profile. Having good GitHub profile gives glance impression for visiter to know you.

In github with Readme.md file we can make our github profile.

To create GitHub readme profile first you should have…

Wireless Debugging in Xcode.

Few months back I used to face issue of not being able to install and test my app on my iphone due to Lightning cable not recognizing issue or cable being misplaced somewhere. For a developer, this was really annoying when you need to test the…

Popular and useful websites to learn iOS/Swift/Objective C development

There are thousands of websites which writes tutorials about the iOS development. Some are paid and some are free. Among them here are some of my favourite that I learnt from. They provides free tutorials and also have paid tutorials on…

Prakash Maharjan

Result oriented freelance iOS Developer (Swift & Objective C), passionate about app development. Available for freelance ios app development works.

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